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NanoShield is Australia’s Only Energy Saving Nanotechnology Window Coating Business.  Features of our product are 78% VLT; 99.7% UV Cut; More Than 70% IR cut And Reduced Condensation.

Our product will passively reduce your indoor temperature by up to 7° Celsius cooler on hot days. Sustainable and passive energy saving has arrived.

NanoShield’s Cosy 24/7 is the world’s dominant energy saving nanotechnology window coatings.  Originating and manufactured in Japan, Cosy 24/7 is marketed and sold in over 26 countries around the world.  Cosy 24/7 ‘s competitive lies in its ability to block heat without severely sacrificing visible light transmission. 

The ability to apply the nanotechnology coating using paint rollers also makes it practical and useful, especially when windows are too big for insulation tinting film. 

NanoShield Cosy 24/7 is also a great alternative to Solar Tinting which costs almost double. 

Further, Cosy 24/7 is much more durable than tinting film.  It’s hardness of 4H is only slightly less than the hardness of 6H for glass.  Cosy 24/7 is distributed exclusively by NanoShield Australia, the franchisor of the NanoShield franchise system in Australia.

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